Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Musings

Half of what I say is meaningless
But I say it just to reach you, Julia
—The Beatles, Julia

I gave some thought to exploring the introduction of “Julia” on President Obama’s campaign website, which illustrates for all to see his cradle-to-grave vision of the role of government.  But by the time I saw it, it had already been beat to death in all the usual places.  Besides, I think John Lennon covered it quite nicely.

So instead, let me offer a few quick thoughts on a number of other matters, in no particular order.

Cinco de Mayo

Over the weekend, it seems the President attempted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the White House.  I’m not going to begrudge anyone who wants to take an opportunity to drink a beer or five.  But the political slicing and dicing is really tiresome.  Why does every conceivable subgroup have to be isolated and called out in an official White House capacity, in what is either a ridiculous display of political pandering, or an absurd extension of political correctness?  What’s funny is I guarantee you Obama and his people saw this as an opportunity to reach out to Hispanic voters, assuming—incorrectly—that it’s the celebration of Mexican Independence Day, rather than an invention of U.S. beer importers based on a minor Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla that isn’t even celebrated within Mexico itself.

French Elections

Somewhere in Manhattan, Paul Krugman is getting that tingly feeling up his leg.  The French, in their infinite wisdom, voted out incumbent President Nicolas Sarkosy in favor of Socialist Francois Hollande.  Apparently learning absolutely nothing from the situations in Greece (and Italy, and Spain, and . . . ), the French have opted to step away from the “austerity” of not spending money they don’t have, and towards a marked increase in government-funded “stimulus.”  I guess they weren’t circling the drain fast enough for their taste, and felt it necessary to pour in a huge vat of Liquid Plumber to help suck them right on down into the sewer.  How is it they can’t see that it’s decades of government promises to give out free stuff paid for with borrowed money that got most of Europe into its current mess in the first place?  Where is that money going to come from this time?  I’m not going to loan it to them.  The Chinese might, but they’re going to expect to be paid back—where is that money going to come from?

As what will soon be the last really viable economy—and only voices of economic reason—left in a Eurozone that just can’t kick the spending habit, I would think Germany would want to get out while it can.  But as the rest of Europe succumbs to their dependency, I don’t think they can let Germany go quietly.  I wonder if Angela Merkel is warming up the Luftwaffe yet. 

Destination America

In yet another spectacular demonstration of “green” failure in the real world, Discovery Networks is canceling their “Green Planet” network started not four years ago.  Who knew that there simply was no viable market for an endless supply of environmental propaganda, er, programming?  Once again, the free market attempts to teach the Left the lesson that you can’t just build it and they will come—they have to already be there asking for it before you build it.

What I find really interesting, however, is they’re replacing Green Planet with something they’re calling “Destination America.”  Supposedly this new channel will be offering programming about travel, food, and culture aimed at “middle America.”  Hot dogs, apple pie, Mom, and Chevrolet, right?

Well, take a look at the new network’s logo:

Look familiar?

Mere coincidence?  Or is Discovery launching a stealth version of a 24-hour Obama channel?

Joe Biden

God bless him, Joe Biden just doesn’t get it.  He is completely oblivious to the fact that the only thing keeping him on the existing Democratic ticket is his being the Vice President provides the single best security measure President Obama has.  Over the weekend Biden was already laying groundwork for his own White House run in 2016.  Funnier, he told reporters—in fairness it’s unclear whether Biden was serious, but with him it’s hard to tell—he would be running with Hillary Clinton.

Out on the diplomatic trail, my guess is Ms. Rodham laughed her ass off when she got wind of that one.  (A) She’s said repeatedly she’s not going to run for office again.   (B)  She’ll be 69 years old in 2016—not prohibitively old to run for what Biden presumably (and more than a little presumptively) assumes would be Vice President, but it’s pushing it.  (C)  Most importantly, she’s far too smart, and the Clintons have been at this too long, to go anywhere near Joe Biden if she were to decide to run.

Take this to the bank, Joe:  If Hillary is in the 2016 race, it will be against you, not with you.

Ron Paul

My morning commute really hasn’t been the same for the last six months, as Mike Church turned his morning show on Sirius/XM into a non-stop campaign ad for Ron Paul.  King Dude does a 3 hour show on Patriot 125 every morning from 5-8 Central.  And no matter what time of morning I catch him, he literally doesn’t go more than about 60 seconds without mentioning Paul by name. 

Every.  Single.  Minute.

Every.  Single.  Day.

I understand the devotion to the ideas a certain candidate espouses.  And I get standing on principle.  But I would have thought at some point a certain pragmatic reality would set in.  Paul and his supporters have fought the good fight, but in the end he was never going to be the Republican nominee—he just wasn’t.  While he had some good things to say on some issues, there were too many areas where he dropped off the planet into Kookland.  I agree that Governor Romney isn’t an ideal standard-bearer for those of us of a conservative mindset.  But he’s what we have, and viewed next to the alternative in Obama, there is only one rational course of action.

Yet there Church was this morning, continuing to pimp for Paul.  Why?  The only thing a continuing Paul campaign accomplishes at this point is hinder Romney’s ability to defeat Obama.  This is really scary about Paul and his cadre of devotees—they’re so blinded that they’re willing to take the whole ship down if they can’t get 100% of their way.


  1. EDG reppin' LBCMay 22, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    Thanks for making the connection between the Destination America logo and the Obama campaign logo. I thought I was the only person who found the logos too similar. When I saw the advertisements for the new network a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was an infomercial for Obama 2012. Hopefully Discovery Networks just chose an unfortunate logo, and it's not a clandestine Obama campaign channel. Unfortunately, I'm so cynical, that at this point I believe the latter. Definitely something to keep an eye on, at least until November. ;-)

  2. EDG:

    I nearly spat my cocktail across the room when I saw the ad with that logo. I was hoping it wasn't just me, but I'm afraid your suspicions are correct. Thanks for the affirmation.